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Being a member of Naleno provides great benefits for your business. In addition of being a member of the complete Global Distribution System (GDS) available for ground transportation companies, you can discover the following features:

Cloud Service

Reduce the investment and maintenance cost for IT equipment.

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Simplify the booking and boarding process for each passenger.

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Smart Data Distribution

Routes and fares will be available on the local and global distribution channels.

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White Label

Keep your own style, portal and database without expensive custom design charges.

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The user experience is a new way to bring new clients

Our technological system has been designed as the final product represents a new experience for each user.

Availability of acurate information in a business allows to provide a better service and save time and resources.

while each member of your team manage the internal operation of your business, Naleno provide easy to use tools to interact with your client while improving your internal and extenral business operations.

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Surprise with our unique benefits

  • Control Panel.
  • Bus Reports in real time.
  • Travel Flow Report.
  • Monitoring of Collection Accounts.
  • Publish Local information.
  • Online software with unlimited users.
  • Unique Database and backup.
  • Global Distribution Service.
  • Premium Website with online booking.
  • Accouting and Electronic Invoicing.
  • Global online booking.
  • Acces via WEB, API o Widget.
  • Tecnical support for webmasters.
  • Sells Report and e-payments.
  • Commissions & flexible payments.

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